Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode featuring my awesome cousin, Adriel, who took the leap to leave his corporate 9 to 5 to pursue his passion for healthy eating, sustainability and community. He is the Founder of Positive Majority, an apparel line and educational platform. He is also a farmhand and yogi! So many takeaways and lessons to learn from his wisdom in this episode.

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Also, check out our sponsor for this episode Samantha Mee! ✨

Samantha Mee-Paramdev Kaur is a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer and more! She offers a variety of different classes/events around Metro-Detroit, the US and the world!

Using movement as medicine, cacao to gently stimulate your senses & open your heart, connection to self & community to evoke feelings of love & belonging and yoga & sound healing to elevate and take you HIGHER! 🥳🙌🏼 This is conscious partying without the nasty side-effects and come down! No hangover, no pressure and no judgement! 🦄 Cultivate a more sustainable, natural and loving high from the inside-out that your future self will thank 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 for! ✨ Feel free to move your body in a safe space, explore your senses, range of movement and self expression to FREE yourself and unleash the brightest parts of your being! 🌈 Feel a sense of deep belonging with the support of like-minded individuals, creating a colorful soul family! 🥰♥️ Connect, share, create, inspire, dance, laugh, play, heal, inspire, grow and HAVE FUN! 🥳 Illuminating and offering you an opportunity to experience alternative ways to alter your state of consciousness without alcohol or drugs! 👽✌🏻 Unearthing this vision has been the most exciting journey I’ve been on! 🤩 Assist Samantha in co-creating this event by sharing your high vibing energy with us revealing the possibility of what love, connection and community can truly do!

The next Altered States Conscious Dance Party is Friday, July 12th at the Ponyride Detroit from 7pm-10pm!

Here’s the link to provide a loving exchange of $20 for the event! https://www.paypal.me/paramdevkaur/15

To get in touch and discover more of her offerings from Gong Immersions, conscious dance parties, reflexology to Auricular Acupuncture…

visit her website www.paramdev-kaur.com



Thank you for listening! ðŸ’•





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