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After sharing about my latest offering on my Instagram this week, I felt called to elaborate more on my personal story and why I took the leap to heal others with my latest 8-week coaching program ‘Inner Beauty Immersion’

In this program, we will work on your negative self talk, habit of comparison & getting to know your authentic self more so that you can show up as your highest self!

I use holistic methods such as meditation, chakra healing, manifestation & EFT tapping to create a fun way to shift into the new paradigm of the you that you are waiting to unleash.

Don’t let fear, lack of worthiness and insecurity stop you from taking this deep dive. I know you desire to truly love every part of yourself, because you ARE deserving.

To learn more, visit https://auraawakening.com/innerbeautyimmersion + fill out an application so we can chat 1:1 about how I can help you begin to love yourself.

Also ~ this audio is featured as a video on IGTV so be sure to check it out on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/awakening.alyssa/ if you prefer to watch instead of listen 🙂

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email: alyssa@auraawakening.com

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