Hey lovely soul! Welcome to the Aura Awakening Portal. It’s mid-June and Michigan is finally beginning to reopen most places and we’re all slowly coming out of the 2020 quarantine that was caused by the Covid-19 Outbreak.

Pre Covid, I actually worked from home, so not a lot changed for me. But I knew I had some holes in my productivity, sacred rituals and overall daily operations that made me feel closer to my highest self.

I’d love to share some of my spiritual activities that simply stuck throughout the almost 4 month period of the Stay-Home order.

  1. Kundalini Yoga. If you’re a yogi and have yet to get into Kundalini, don’t wait! Get on it! This practice includes all my favorite things: pranayama, mantras, short bursts of high energy movements, long savasanas accompanied by the gong & intentional manifesting. Not to mention, the practice helps your endocrine system, your pituitary & pineal gland and your metabolic system. I began to resonate with the work of Guru Jagat and met with friends virtually to take some of her classes on GaiaTV. In just 30 minutes, you feel like a whole new person! I even read her book called Invincible Living which I highly recommend in both the physical form and the audio book which includes audio of different meditations and kriyas to try at home. Overall, I’m super excited to have added Kundalini into my daily routine, even if it’s just 11 minutes in my day.
  2. Walking 10,000 steps a day. You may be thinking, how is walking spiritual? Well, for me, it’s part of a sacred morning routine for me. It’s hard for me to resume stillness and meditate upon rising, I actually need the opposite and walking is a surefire way to boost my mood first thing in the day. To get to the 10,000 steps, I usually take a walk in the morning, afternoon and at night. This usually happens after I eat meals too, which aids in digestion. I realized this extra time I’ve spent walking, I am usually on my phone or watching TV which usually drains me.
  3. Planning my days by hour. This is spiritual to me because my productivity is sacred. If I’m not organized, I feel totally misaligned and all over the place. It was my intention through quarantine to be wise with my time, therefore I began planning out my days by hour. I wasn’t super strict about it, but it helped me structure what I needed to do and when I was doing it. I first wrote out my tasks for the day, and then took those and decided what time I was going to them. This also requires knowledge of how long certain things take you, so you may want to take a day to collect some data for how long it takes you to do certain things.
  4. Committing myself to daily movement practices. Throughout quarantine I dabbled in trying some new movement practices since I had so much available video content! Something I really wanted to begin doing was Barre (which I used Alo Moves for) and Rebounding on a fitness trampoline (which I used Bounce classes on Obé Fitness). Three times a week, I did these exercises for about 40 minutes and I made sure I got these exercises in along with my walking and Kundalini. Getting in exercise has helped me be more focused, and feeling high energy all throughout the day. It also aligns with my personal development goal of being the healthiest version of me.
  5. Adopting a Breath work practice. Unintentionally before quarantine, I enrolled in 8 weeks of breath work sessions with MB Mannino and this was a beautiful practice to help keep me grounded during the shutdown. In our sessions, MB guided me through a 30-35 minute breath work session paired with a mantra that was my anchor for the practice. Before and after breathing, we discussed my feelings and what I was going through at that time. I attended the sessions every week or every other and it was a wonderful ritual for me to set up a little ‘nest’ with blankets, crystals and whatever made me feel most comfortable during my session. I highly recommend trying out breath work for yourself, as I’ve felt so many shifts and releases through my time working with MB. I actually interviewed MB on the podcast a while back, check out our episode together here.

I hope this was helpful for you & you can try out some of these rituals whether it’s quarantine or not!

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