Hi friends! Welcome to the portal! I wanted to share about something that is apart of my daily life ~ yoga clothes! Haha, I am always in activewear because let’s get real, it’s super comfortable!

I was first introduced to Wolven from a beautiful human named Sahara Rose, and a few days later I saw a friend rocking the same cute set and I was like, wow I need to check out this brand.

Wolven is not only super stylish but the brand ethics are incredible! They make their clothing from recycled bottles, remove one pound of trash from the ocean with each purchase and are inclusive, representing BIPOC and body positivity in their marketing.

For Christmas I asked for a few different sets, they’re definitely a luxury price point so it made a really good present to ask for. I’m so glad I did because from there I was in love with the quality! The leggings are soft to the touch, breathable, stretchy enough and hug every curve of my body.

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming an ambassador for the brand and I couldn’t be happier with my communication with the Wolven team. They are always doing their best to keep me in the loop and make sure that I am seen and heard as a member of their Wolfpack community.

They offer more than just cute yoga legging sets, but also offer graphic tees, swimwear, mens clothing and bike shorts! So many of the styles are reversible, making the clothing so versatile! They ship with minimal waste packaging and recycled material. You really can’t go wrong with checking them out. They have a vibe for everyone, whether you love fun prints or are more of a solid print lover.

A few months back made a short YouTube video sharing why I love Wolven!

I’d love to know what Wolven set you have your eye on! Be sure to visit their online shop at https://wolventhreads.com/auraawakening and use my code ‘AURAAWAKENING’ for 20% off!

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