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Alyssa is a 24-year-old spiritual boss babe sharing her love & light in the virtual space. Coming from creating beauty tutorials in 2015, she's no stranger to content creation. Upon her spiritual introduction, she world of wellness & personal development encouraged her to create Aura Awakening. A community for healing, self growth & movement. Hangout while she shares her greatest takeaways along the journey.

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Episode 87 – Brialle Ringer: Eating the rainbow to heal our chakras, ending burnout to discover soul alignment, & creating the Black Women’s Healing Fund to offer accessible trauma informed holistic healing

August 11, 2020

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the embodied lovely soul, Brialle!

In this episode we discuss Brialle’s journey through college burn out and following her desire to experience van life traveling. We also dive into the chakras & chat about how we can heal our energy centers through food, movement and reflection. Growing up vegetarian, Brialle shares why she evolved to veganism for her health, animals and our environment. And finally, Brialle’s mission of making healing accessible to BIPOC + offering a trauma informed approach to her 7 week Chakra course.

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