a customized coaching experience

i feel you sister

... for women who desire healing and expansion


Do you struggle with finding a program that fits your individual needs?
Are you tired of searching for a coach that feels in alignment?
Have you felt overwhelmed when tackling your personal + career goals?

You are having a hard time taking action on your passion projects

You are struggling with organizing  your work flow and productive energy

You need accountability and a new creative perspective for your business

You want to develop an authentic connection to yourself, your relationships, dharma and personal spirituality

and I know you're ready to step into this one of a kind experience

you need:

Support & accountability from a coach

Insight how to enhance your business

Ability to reprogram thought patterns

Courage to put your needs and self care first

i feel you sister

Through this work together we eliminate feeling overwhelmed by all the hats you wear, uncertainty on how to show up for your purpose and resistance to putting yourself first.

Starting from scratch, I assess what tools you need
 to ground, expand and take inspired action.

Coaching is facilitated virtually bi-weekly, as we work 1:1 to explore your needs first.
I creatively brainstorm ways that you can show up for your Dharma. The customization aspect liberates you to ask me for what you need. From starting a podcast, to managing work-life balance, beginning a new career, finding body confidence, creating a blog -- It's really up to you.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and
out of balance needs to end.
What would life look like if you put
your personal needs first? 

We didn’t find each other by accident; everything happens for a reason and this is the sign you’ve been seeking.

it is time to leave behind the old paradigm and become the best version of you.

Fill out an application

Wondering what's


Experience the liberation of Whole Life Healing, tailored to your unique needs

6 1:1 Coaching Calls with me over the span of 12 weeks

1:1 Daily Messaging Access for support 

actionable alchemy

is what you've been seeking

Accountability and weekly self-love goals

Open access to my wealth of knowledge as a spiritual entrepreneur and natural wellness coach

Fully customized workbook with journal prompts, pages for organizing action steps, tracking habits, & daily, monthly and weekly planning

Creating this experience came from my own struggles of not honoring my individual needs, with you in mind.

I understand feeling lost in your purpose, not knowing where to start with following your passion and feeling overwhelmed by life itself. I spent a lot of energy looking for a coaching program that gave me the liberty to choose what I needed to learn, how I needed to implement the teachings into my life and accountability for my goals that are realistic.

It all comes down to a simple graphic, thinking of a circle and looking at all the different areas of our life. From there, we take an intimate look at where you thrive, where you put too much energy and where there is a lack. How can we show up equally for every part of life? How can we stay creative, inspired and motivated? How can we heal past trauma and see feeling good as our first job? These foundational questions set up the rhythm for custom coaching. I'm here to guide you, but we're in this together. 

You deserve to have balance, pleasure and the freedom to live your passion.

Take the leap and trust that you'll be divinely guided

watch this video to hear about gabby's custom coaching experience!

"Alyssa served as a fantastic resource for my group of freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs."

"Alyssa is a wealth of knowledge and always inspires me to use my natural gifts to my advantage. Highly recommend working with her!" - Latasha J.

client love

Are you ready to finally find balance on a soul-level?

We will work on your individual needs to help you feel aligned, inspired and in control of all areas of life.

I use holistic methods such as meditation, chakra healing, manifestation & EFT tapping to create a fun way to shift into the new paradigm of the you that you are waiting to unleash.
Don’t let fear, lack of worthiness and insecurity stop you from taking this deep dive. I know you desire to truly love every part of yourself,  because you ARE deserving.

I'm ready to take the leap

So excited 

to meet you!

I know you’re a Gem because we’ve cosmically connected in this virtual space. It can super scary being vulnerable and shedding old skin.
I am here to support you every step of the way.