Inner beauty Immersion

i feel you sister

... for women who desire to honor the light from within

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Do you struggle with lack of self confidence?
Are you tired of not fully knowing yourself & honoring your truth?
Have you felt inadequate or unworthy most of your life?

You are having a hard time identifying your worth and purpose

You’re struggling with your body image or seeing the beauty you possess

You use makeup or clothing to hide behind feeling insecure

You want to develop an authentic connection to your soul & discover more about the woman that is uniquely you

and I know you're ready to step into your power & begin to love every part of yourself

you need:

Support & accountability from a coach

Personal development activities

Ability to heal past traumas

Permission to unapologetically love yourself

This program is for you if you struggle with:

but you want to feel.......

.....and you are ready to claim your power back and immerse yourself on this inward journey

i feel you sister

It is possible to dive deep into who you are, to love all of you.  By taking this leap, together we eliminate negative self talk,  the habit of comparison and limiting beliefs.

You’ll be so much closer to
finding freedom in who you are.

Through coaching, we work 1:1 to explore your inner self & throughout the program, she'll begin to reflect on the outside;  displaying strong intuition, unbreakable confidence and a total a ripple effect of light shining on all areas of your life.

Invest in your personal healing, self discovery and the beautiful woman that you are. You deserve to embody your worth and honor every imperfection, working to see them as blessings.

Poor Body Image

Emotional Eating


Lack of Purpose

Lack of Intuition

Habit of Comparison

Not truly knowing who you are

Empowered in your body

Freedom around food choices

Authentic in your truth

Aligned with your soul purpose

Confident around making decisions

Strong in your identity

Happy being your own best friend

We didn’t find each other by accident; everything happens for a reason and this is the sign you’ve been seeking.

it is time to leave behind the old paradigm and become the best version of you.

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Experience the inner beauty process!
And create a ripple effect into all areas of your life through......

Four 1:1 Coaching Calls with me

2 Guided Meditations & 2 EFT Tapping Exercises

Interactive Workbook

1:1 Daily Messaging Access for support 

The inner beauty immersion

is what you've been seeking

Bonus! Beauty & Self Care tips for beginners ($50 value)

Bonus! Free copy of the Self-Growth Habit Journal ($25 value)

Creating this program came from my own life's biggest personal battles, with you in mind.

I understand poor body image, emotional eating and lack of worthiness because I've experienced it all from a very young age. The real shift happened for me once I started to embrace my differences and honor who I am. My gifts, my flaws, and the parts of myself I still needed to discover. Finding acceptance in who I am, while also allowing myself to grow and evolve has been a pivotal part of the process on my journey.

Growing up overweight caused a lot of trauma, hiding behind makeup/clothing, and the limiting belief that I was hard to love. After cosmetology school, I felt lost in what my purpose was, how I was going to connect with my peers, and how I wanted to show up in this world. On my own personal development journey, I immersed myself in the 'self study process' that included yoga, meditation, EFT Tapping & soul nourishment. Through this work, I created a method to foster those same shifts inside of you. 

Your authentic self deserves to know that 
you are enough.

Take the leap and immerse yourself into the ultimate self discovery

 "I now have my first client and can confidently say that I wouldn’t be where I’m at without Alyssa. "

"When I started working with Alyssa in her Inner Beauty Immersion program, she helped me uncover what I already knew I had in me, but didn’t know how to bring out: the confidence needed to propel me to my goal of loving myself and becoming a health coach." - Kaley K.


"Alyssa is unapologetically herself and has helped me see my inner beauty by being so confident in her own skin."

"It’s so important to have someone like her guide you to see your inner beauty as she has mastered it herself. Not to mention she’s a total boss babe and reminds me that anything is possible!" -Lexi A.

client love


"Alyssa served as a fantastic resource for my group of freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs."

"She hosted a training for my membership group and helped us understand the importance of following your strengths, understanding your ideal clients, and investing in your business. Alyssa is a wealth of knowledge and always inspires me to use my natural gifts to my advantage. Highly recommend working with her!" - Latasha J.

client love!


Are you ready to finally see how beautiful you are?

We will work on your negative self talk, habit of comparison & getting to know your authentic self more so that you can show up as your highest self!

I use holistic methods such as meditation, chakra healing, manifestation & EFT tapping to create a fun way to shift into the new paradigm of the you that you are waiting to unleash.
Don’t let fear, lack of worthiness and insecurity stop you from taking this deep dive. I know you desire to truly love every part of yourself,  because you ARE deserving.

I'm ready to take the leap

So excited 

to meet you!

I know you’re a Gem because we’ve cosmically connected in this virtual space. It can super scary being vulnerable and shedding old skin.
I am here to support you every step of the way.