Shadow Play Media was birthed by the need for consistent quality content creation in the music industry and beyond.
Created by artists for artists with marketing in mind, we capture the vibes so you can stay present while facilitating your magic. 

+ Event Photography
+ Portraits & Group Photoshoots
+ Product & Brand Photography
+ Videography
+ Lifestyle & Object Photography
+ Creative Direction, Set Design
Editorial + Artistic

WHAT we offer

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Meet Robby

Robby's origins of artistry began with painting and nature photography. His chill and observant demeanor ensures attention to detail and quality when he's on the hunt to capture the perfect shot. His eager willingness to learn and grow within photography has been profound and impressive. As the second shooter in SHDWPLY, he's a great balance to Alyssa's fast paced energy. Robby is a pleasure to have behind the camera as he takes feedback and direction quickly & efficiently. A gearhead at heart, he's always analyzing how to gain the best perspective and capture your memories in style.

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