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Born To Blossom

This is my signature 12-week coaching program where I help you envision what you'd like your dream life to look like, accessing your wellness goals and daily habits. We work together to create a plan of action for the expansion of your side hustle, being mindful of all the things we balance as multi-faceted empaths. I then create a strategy for your social media, branding & content creation to further develop the vision for your business. Guiding you every step of the way as you step into your power as a creative boss babe.

"Decoding the personal development & entrepreneurial journey"

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Inner Beauty Immersion

This is my signature 8-week coaching program where I help you truly find your authentic self. As we dive deep into combating negative self talk, perfectionism and disconnection from your beauty, together we work to cultivate confidence, unapologetic self love and enhancement of your intuition. Healing past traumas, finding your soul purpose & loving every inch of you is some incredibly transformative work and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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"Creating a ripple effect of light & love into all areas of life starts with you taking the leap on this inward journey"

actionable alchemy 

Seeking a more customized coaching experience? This is the course for you! Actionable Alchemy is my customized 12-week coaching program where I help you organize all the areas of life, feel rooted in your purpose and provide actionable steps to actualize your passions. Through the customized coaching, we can create transformation in several areas. Ranging from guidance on starting a podcast to healing the chakra system, I'm able to support you in how to uniquely embody the best version of you.

"How you approach one thing is how you do everything"

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 "I now have my first client and can confidently say that I wouldn’t be where I’m at without Alyssa. "

"When I started working with Alyssa in her Inner Beauty Immersion program, she helped me uncover what I already knew I had in me, but didn’t know how to bring out: the confidence needed to propel me to my goal of loving myself and becoming a health coach." - Kaley K.


“Born to Blossom definitely helped in sprouting because when I started I was just a seed. Can’t wait to keep growing into the beautiful flower that I know can become thanks to Alyssa’s guides"

"This program helped me find the best version of myself through my dharma and it is worth the cost. Highly recommended it!" - Marina S.

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"Alyssa served as a fantastic resource for my group of freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs."

"She hosted a training for my membership group and helped us understand the importance of following your strengths, understanding your ideal clients, and investing in your business. Alyssa is a wealth of knowledge and always inspires me to use my natural gifts to my advantage. Highly recommend working with her!" - Latasha J.

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A self-growth journal that will change your life!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your wish to adopt better daily habits along with goal-setting? This daily journal will provide you the tools to track the actions that will propel you forward to reaching your most important desires. Each day and night you will reflect on your self growth commitment, show gratitude, empower yourself, set long term goals, and write a love letter to all that is uniquely you. This tool is a pivotal resource to connecting to your highest self and will help you blossom into the best version of you. 

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self-growth book

Aura Awakening

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Detroit Divine Feminine Circle

I created this event for like-minded women in the Metro Detroit area seeking community to come together, experience ceremony, and cultivate soul-fueled connections. Diving deep into themes ranging from sacred goddess archetypes, chakras & limbs of yoga, I take you on a journey of exploration through meditation, reflection through oracle card readings and celebration as we all enjoy plant-based snacks and healing refreshments together

a place for women to rise