a healng space for
teens & pre-teens

that's my daughter!

... to help inspire grounding, cope with anxiety & create community


Do you feel nervous/helpless watching your daughter struggle with her self esteem?
Has your relationship dynamic and her overall energy levels been impacted by the pandemic?
Do you notice signs of anxieties that are affecting her everyday behaviors?

As a parent/guardian, it can be overwhelming addressing these issues

You’re processing your own struggles at this time

And your daughter may shut you out, even though you know she needs help

You want to be there for her but she’s not communicating her needs and being short when asked about what's bothering her

This is where group coaching will provide proactive healing in her life, and your life too.

your daughter needs:

Interaction with other girls her age

Activities to help cope with anxiety

Mindfulness & movement techniques

A safe space to share her struggles

This program is for young women who struggle with:

but she wants to feel.......

.....and she is READY to make a commitment to her healing & development

that's my daughter!

Accountability for setting goals & values

keep reading...

Your daughter's health & well-being is important. With this 10-week program I will support her values, inspire healing & create the opportunity for behavioral change.

Poor Body Image / Poor Self Esteem

Emotional Eating / Anxious Behaviors around eating

Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of social skills

Difficulty focusing on school

Habit of Comparison

General anxiety issues

Self confident

Freedom around food choices

Excited to move the body

Eager to make new friends

Organized with school work

Strong in self-identity

Prepared to manage anxious feelings

a sneak peek of the


How the Brain works, Learning Meditation Techniques

Defining Trauma, Learning forgivness

Redefining beauty standards, Exercises for confidence

Moving your body, finding a sacred pause, creating morning & evening routines

Conscious Friendships, Healing bullying wounds

Respect for self and others, Inclusivity

group curriculum

Wondering what's


Weekly activities to inspire massive change in your daughter's world.

10 weeks of 75 minute virtual group sessions that include coaching, beginner friendly yoga, mindfulness meditation & breath-work

Weekly customized journal prompts

Interactive Group Chat Support for accountability

1 solo introductory & 1 solo exit call with daughter

holistic youth mentorship

is what you've been seeking

Bonus! Free copy of the Self-Growth Habit Journal ($25 value)

I am a certified Whole Life Healing Coach & 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher here to inspire healing for the younger generation through mindfulness, empowered movement & sisterhood. I've always been naturally drawn to leading, mentoring & being the 'big sister' to help facilitate another's growth. With this being said, growing up I came off bossy to other children, feeling outcasted for this attribute and my weight.

I understand poor body image, emotional eating and lack of worthiness because I've experienced it all from a very young age. The real shift happened for me once I started to embrace my differences and honor who I am. My gifts, my flaws, and the parts of myself I still needed to discover. Finding acceptance in who I am, while also allowing myself to grow and evolve has been a pivotal part of the process on my journey.

Growing up overweight caused a lot of trauma, hiding behind makeup/clothing, and the limiting belief that I was hard to love. After cosmetology school, I felt lost in what my purpose was, how I was going to connect with my peers, and how I wanted to show up in this world. On my own personal development journey, I immersed myself in the 'self study process' that included yoga, meditation, EFT Tapping & soul nourishment. Through this work, I created a method to foster those same shifts inside of your daughter.

It's great to be connected with you, I'm Alyssa! 

Creating this program came from my own life's biggest personal battles, with your daughter in mind.  

on-boarding process

about the

Intake Questionnaire

Upon application, you will automatically be sent an e-mail with an intake questionnaire so I can learn more about your daughter's unique needs and how I can be of service to her as a coach.

Parent /Student Clarity Call

The next step is to schedule a Zoom call to virtually meet the student and parent to further understand expectations and needs. Pricing and scheduling will be discussed with parent separately.

Contract & Payment

After an agreement of student and parent to enroll, a contract to be signed by parent and invoice will be sent at time of enrollment. Zoom links for established meeting time will then be sent to student. 

what questions do you have?


Aura Awakening's coaching is facilitated virtually through a private Zoom room. The beauty of these online calls is that they can be recorded to reference back to, and gives my students the ability to find a ritualistic experience of healing.

I do my best to keep sessions consistent, meeting at the same time, same day every week or every other. This is a safe space to express, connect and find community in group sessions. Each student will have time to participate, share and reflect on our weekly topics. A private group chat will be available for a weekly group check in, accountability & further connection.

How is coaching facilitated?



- Whole Life Healing Certified Holistic Life Coach
- Board Certified Natural Wellness Coach
- 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher
through Citizen Yoga
- 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Certified through Bethany Perry
- Reiki I Certified by Adina Marie
- 5 hrs immersive training completed with BLND Health Therapy
- Emotional Freedom Academy Certified EFT Level 1 and 2 with Steph Dodds

What are your credentials?



Group coaching prices are $750 for 10 sessions per student.

The 10 sessions are facilitated once a week, totaling the experience to 10 weeks.

After each session, students are given homework to practice their mindfulness activities and rituals.

What's the investment?



The short answer is no, it is not. Yoga is simply breathing paired with movement of the body. The definition of the word yoga is 'union'. As the practice is not religious, I do base my coaching philosophies through several spiritual teachings/science based methods from sacred yogic texts. Students will never be asked to perform any extreme physical activity as the practice allows us to move energy and calm our nervous systems.

Yoga can be a fun way for girls to feel confident in their bodies, breath awareness, release of extra tension & cultivate mindfulness through movement meditation.

Is yoga a religious practice?



Your young daughter deserves to learn that
she is enough.

Take the leap to take preventative care and see her blossom in all different areas of life

“She creates an open space where there is no possible outcome of being judged. She also reminds us to do yoga and meditation to relax our minds and bodies at the end of a day.” - Marissa R., 14

"Alyssa worked with my 14 year old sister for a month and it was so sweet to see my sister open up, be vulnerable, and allow herself to be seen. I am so happy and grateful my sister got to experience coaching at such a young age, and with such a compassionate mentor!" - Amanda R.


If you could recommend me to your fellow mom friends, what would you say? 

"If you want a safe space for your daughter to explore and express her feelings this is it."
-Tahauna G.

What was your daughter's favorite part about working together? 

"Having someone who truly cares and understands."
- Brooklynn G.,14


Did you find that your daughter had some behavioral breakthroughs while we had sessions together?

"Yes definitely. She felt very comfortable talking to Alyssa about her struggles. Took a lot of her feedback into affect. In just a few weeks, I have noticed a huge change in my daughter. So I would definitely recommend other parents to have their daughters try the program. " - Zeinab S.

What was the main struggle you were experiencing before we started our coaching together?

"Self confidence and anxiety. My favorite part of the program was sharing my rose & thorn each week with the group and the yoga part was nice to end off the meeting. "
- Victoria S., 11 


client love!

So excited 

to meet your daughter!

I'm here to offer support through my coaching abilities. Movement is a portal to prevent trauma from being stored in the body. With community your daughter will find she's not alone, and she is enough.


Disclaimer: Aura Awakening LLC
does not treat, diagnose or cure any condition.
Wellness/coaching services and offerings provided by Aura Awakening LLC are not intended to replace information or guidance from a medical doctor, and they are not intended as medical advice.

If you are feeling that your daughter's mental health is feeling out of control or difficult to manage, we urge you to seek out professional mental health support. Please reach out if you need any referrals.