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Hi, I'M alyssa alvarez

Metro-Detroit native millennial who's on the Gen Z cusp. Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising —  my Jupiter & Neptune are in Capricorn. This means I'm super tech savvy, I have a natural fiery drive and passion, all while being creatively organized. Quick-witted and energetic. You already know the vibes! In my free time I enjoy moving my body, traveling, nourishing my soul, and chillin' in nature.

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I used to be a wellness practitioner myself

As a formed esthetician, yoga teacher, and holistic life coach, I know a thing or two about the wellness industry. When it comes to marketing language, launch campaigns, and attracting your dream clients — I am your right hand woman. I'm passionate about providing beautiful branding, ethical sales, and aligned social image for wellness practitioners who desire to stay in their magic while I do the back-end work. I'm so excited to see if we're a fit to work together to present your mission to the masses!


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"Alyssa helped me start completely from scratch. I did not know what my business would look like or how to get started. She helped me narrow down my brand colors and helped me understand what technologies and applications to use to design and move forward with putting my brand out there. Like Canva for example! During our time together, Alyssa helped me overcome the limiting beliefs that I couldn’t start my own business which helped me be more open and available to be in my fullest energy as I took that first step forward."

Delaney fello | Resilient & Rising, Women’s Embodiment and Empowerment Coach

"Alyssa helped me define my messaging and offerings, pick out a color palette the aesthetic, developing content, how to show up consistently online, and develop a brand that is authentic to who I am. I appreciated how organized she is within all the little facets of entrepreneurship. She really helped me not only create a business, but be a business woman. Alyssa created Canva graphics, an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, developed workbooks, put together my online program program, all while making sure everything is branded. Her motivation and ability to help me find alignment with my message and offerings were my favorite aspects of working with her as a coach."

Maëva Revol | Women's Fitness Trainer

"Alyssa provides me with branding and marketing strategy and social media management services, and her work has completely transformed my pages! Her unique and creative approach to content has helped increase my engagement and follower count significantly. She has helped me hone in on my brand vision and create ways to embody this vision in how I market my offerings. She is organized, accountable, and prompt with all of her work, and she's truly passionate about what she does. I love her creative approach to trending content styles, recording reels, and gorgeous graphics- she makes the content creation process so fun! Alyssa has been a true goddess-send for my marketing and I adore working with her!"

Adrianna Sesi | holistic therapist

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