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"I found value in the way that Alyssa helped guide me towards what is authentic to me as a person. She guided me through the decision making process of launching something that is all me, instead of trying to push me towards a specific look or style that wasn't authentic to me. She certainly helped me gain the confidence and get the tools to put myself and my brand out there finally." 

gabby | living soil universe

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At Aura Awakening, we take pride in serving a diverse range of clients in the luxury wellness space.
From top salons to personal fitness trainers, yoga studios, medical spas/aestheticians, therapy offices, luxury activewear brands, high-end real estate agencies, independent wellness coaches and product-based wellness brands (encompassing CBD, candles, health foods, and skincare)   – our expertise extends across various niches. Whatever your field in the luxury wellness landscape, we're here to elevate your brand and amplify your presence.

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"I had no idea about a color scheme for my podcast artwork and overtime Alyssa helped me find that with her suggestions. She helped me to feel confident and that was something I was lacking in the beginning stages of building my brand. Her personality shined and I really enjoyed how she worked with me as a team. The best part about working with her as a coach is that she was still willing you look at my point of view and give me her feedback as well."

marina | peace learn health

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"Alyssa's help with social media was a complete game-changer for my business. Before I worked with Alyssa, I was feeling so overwhelmed. I had so many ideas that I didn't know what to do with or how to start. Just one brainstorming session with her brought so much clarity--she was able to look at my social media pages objectively and point out where the gaps were and how I could fill those gaps in a way that would be most impactful for my business. I not only gained engagement and followers from working with Alyssa, I was able to get my messaging out in a way that was authentic and meaningful to me, which in turn resulted in more clients wanting to work with me. Alyssa is so uplifting and easy to work with and has so much knowledge about social media and marketing. The graphics she created for me were perfect too! I truly can't thank Alyssa enough!"

amanda jawad | meditation teacher & guide

"When I spoke to Alyssa and told her my vision for launching my first offering and growing my social media, we were brainstorming together instantly! I truly enjoyed every minute of working with her. She was so helpful in all areas, from social media, to graphic design, to photography, to my website, all sorts of technical support, she is a woman of all trades to say the least, she brings the most beautiful energy and has the experience and expertise that made me feel safe and thrilled to invest in working with her! What I learned from working with her went far beyond how to get my medicine out there to those who need it, working with her totally helped me step outside of my comfort zone bringing so much confidence and comfortability in being seen and that in itself was worth all of it. I am forever transformed since working with her. If you are thinking about working with her, this is your message to do it! You deserve it."

jacqueline marie | Womb keeper

"Alyssa has blown my expectations out of the water with my social media marketing! She makes the process so fun, and less stressful. Since partnering with her my social media platform has improved SO much with engagement and I actually look forward to being active on my platform. All of the posts that have been curated for me fit the vibe perfectly and always have a personal touch. I highly recommend her for graphic design and brand photography! I am very grateful to be working with Alyssa and look forward to watching my business continue to grow with her assistance!"

alexa klein | holistic esthetician

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