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A podcast sharing the stories of conscious creatives & entrepreneurs. Metro Detroit native, Alyssa Alvarez, holds the space for yogis, coaches, artists & pioneers in business, providing a platform to share their gifts and what made them take the leap to pursuing their passion. Alyssa also shares her journey as a millennial entrepreneur & holistic life coach.

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Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with wonderful Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs™, the original crystal sex toy line. It was so awesome sitting down to chat with her about how her business idea came about, what some of her favorite practices are and her musical roots as well. In this episode we […]

Episode 64 – Exploring the connection between sexual + musical expression, all about Chakrubs™, & staying true to yourself when creating a soul-fueled business with Vanessa Cuccia

Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the ever so inspiring Kacee Must. She’s the owner and founder of Citizen Yoga and I am so grateful to have found such an incredible yoga space after almost a year of practicing at home. Kacee is an amazing teacher, leader and mentor. It was a […]

Episode 62 – The culture of Citizen Yoga, surrendering to your Dharma to rise from darkness & how community connection can support mental health with Kacee Must

Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with my dear friend Samantha Mee!! This is the 2nd time Samantha’s been on the podcast & it’s always a pleasure to sit down and chat with her about all things health. In this episode we share about her program called Sparkle, her philosophy behind the science […]

Episode 60 – Allowing yourself to Sparkle, the science behind self love & healing trauma with holistic tools with Samantha Mee

Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with awesome Joe Marlow. In this episode we discuss is treck into the spiritual lifestyle through his yoga platform, Still Life, his coaching career & how he’s discovered his Dharma through a compassionate heart. We also discuss alchemy and how plant medicines have helped enhance his human […]

Episode 58 – Still Life Yoga, Living Magnificent Coaching & discovering Dharma from a compassionate heart with Joseph Marlow

Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the ever so kind Krista Derby! She is a yogi boss babe who’s bloomed so much in her yoga business, showing up for the community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this episode, we discuss her pivoting careers from the beauty industry to immersing herself into the […]

Episode 56 – Pivoting your career & immersing yourself, your network is your net-worth & Yoga Book Club with Krista Derby

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