Hey everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the lovely Kristen Lynch. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful new friend with so much in common. Kristen is a coach, yoga teacher, podcaster & retreat leader. She’s really out here doing her Dharma & this entire episode is super inspiring. We chat about calling in your highest self, her podcast Goddess Talk (check out my episode on her show!!) & how to be your own best friend on the spiritual path.

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My episode on Goddess Talk

Be sure to check out this week’s sponsors:

Kula Community Wellness Retreat – Hosted by SPIRiTED DETROIT

Kula is a sanskrit word that translates to connection, but it is a concept that carries a much deeper meaning. It encompasses the feeling of a community coming together with the same intention at heart. The feeling of being fully loved and supported by those around you and feeling at home with the people in our community.

That is the feeling we are going to cultivate with our Kula Community Wellness Retreat.

We have partnered up with Nava Wellness Co. to host this overnight retreat focused on community, connection and breaking barriers.

Our spacious loft is located in New Center Detroit in a historic building that was restored to this gorgeous space. We are centrally located to many great Detroit attractions, but we won’t need to leave our loft for the night we have planned.

We will arrive at the loft at 4:30 pm and warm up with casual introductions. Our vegan welcome feast catered by Greenspace Cafe will begin around 5 pm.

Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga Instructor, Samantha Mee will lead us in a cacao ceremony at 6:30 pm. Cacao is a raw chocolate that is prepared for us to drink. The empowering ceremony will allow us to open our hearts to ourselves and each other to create a vulnerable and sacred sense of trust within the group.

At 8 pm, Samantha Piazza, Yoga Instructor of Nava Wellness Co. will lead us through a heated Power Vinyasa flow that will fire up our inner power and allow us to break any barriers we are still carrying.

At 9 pm, Bailey M. Bain of SPIRiTED DETROIT will lead us in a guided meditation designed to cultivate the energy of community, love, strength, vulnerability and support.

After all of this, we will cozy up as a soul family for activities, movies and snacks provided by Sèva Detroit before we all return to our sleeping areas.

Upon waking up, we will meet for morning meditation with Bailey M. Bain to solidify the lasting bonds we’ll create. Then Samantha Piazza will lead us through gentle morning yoga leaving us feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

We will finish our morning together with fruit, bagels and coffee while exchanging IG handles and phone numbers to sustain the lasting friendships we will make.


Detroit Divine Feminine Circle hosted by Alyssa of Aura Awakening – 

Solar Plexus Focus at Zupac Law, Sunday March 22nd 5:30-8pm

Yama Focus at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe, Saturday March 28th 5:30-8pm



Thank you for listening! 



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email: alyssa@auraawakening.com

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