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Alyssa is a 24-year-old spiritual boss babe sharing her love & light in the virtual space. Coming from creating beauty tutorials in 2015, she's no stranger to content creation. Upon her spiritual introduction, she world of wellness & personal development encouraged her to create Aura Awakening. A community for healing, self growth & movement. Hangout while she shares her greatest takeaways along the journey.

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Episode 73 – Bonus Solocast: How I’ve maintained productivity & balance while in quarantine

May 15, 2020

Hi friends!!

After reflecting on all that I have been able to accomplish during quarantine on a personal, spiritual and career level, I felt called to share some of my tips with you guys!

Ranging from how I plan my days, times I’m eating (what I’m eating), the spiritual and movement practices and how I’m always reminded to show up for my Dharma to serve the collective.

The Aura Awakening Shop, my latest freebie and more information about custom coaching can be found at https://auraawakening.com/

Also ~ this audio is featured as a video on IGTV so be sure to check it out on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/awakening.alyssa/ if you prefer to watch instead of listen 🙂

Thank you for listening! 



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