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Alyssa is a 24-year-old spiritual boss babe sharing her love & light in the virtual space. Coming from creating beauty tutorials in 2015, she's no stranger to content creation. Upon her spiritual introduction, she world of wellness & personal development encouraged her to create Aura Awakening. A community for healing, self growth & movement. Hangout while she shares her greatest takeaways along the journey.

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Episode 109 – Ricki Friedman: Creating sustainable change while letting go of perfection, the truth about self love and the connection to your desires & staying inspired with online content creation

January 4, 2021

Hello beautiful people!! I hope you really enjoy this episode with the inspiring af Ricki!

In this episode we discuss, Ricki’s journey of losing her mother at 13, as she felt she lost herself through the grief.

We then fast forward to the time 11 years ago Ricki took the leap to become a health coach & help her friend lose 100 pounds, starting to blog about ‘Break The Weight’.

Ricki shares the secrets to creating sustainable change in the small aspect of your daily life, while letting go of perfection. We also hear her insights about content creation, self love & entrepreneurship.

Be sure to check out Ricki’s social media & offerings!



Thank you for listening! 



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