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Alyssa is a 24-year-old spiritual boss babe sharing her love & light in the virtual space. Coming from creating beauty tutorials in 2015, she's no stranger to content creation. Upon her spiritual introduction, she world of wellness & personal development encouraged her to create Aura Awakening. A community for healing, self growth & movement. Hangout while she shares her greatest takeaways along the journey.

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Episode 32 – Ashley Oshinsky: Defining what ‘healthy’ means to you, owning your traumas, & leaping into entrepreneurship

August 20, 2019

Hey everybody! I hope you enjoyed this episode featuring Ashley of Higher Living Real Estate. She is such a multi-faceted beauty that I can really relate to! In this episode we discuss defining what ‘healthy’ means to Ashley, being a yoga instructor and a woman has had struggles with body image, owning your traumas and challenges in life to offer you strength and taking the leap into entrepreneurship even when it’s scary AF!

Find out more about Ashley’s real estate business & yoga classes on social media!



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There’s NO pressure!🙅‍♀️
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