Hi lovely souls! First off, Welcome to the Aura Awakening Portal ~ I finally created a blog after 5 years of being a content creator but I decided the time is now!

On the portal, expect to read articles about spirituality, resources about my community and their offerings, education on numerous topics and sharing overall about my lifestyle as a millennial entrepreneur.

To kick it off, I decided to share my 24 lessons I’ve learned in 24 years as I approach my birthday this year. I made a matching podcast episode describing the stories behind the lessons and the Spotify link to listen on Aura Awakening Radio is down below.

  1. The answer is always no if you don’t ask
  2. Only give yourself a few main tasks for the day
  3. Give friendships time and effort
  4. It’s okay to let things go if you’ve lost passion
  5. Let your skin breathe
  6. Hug people on the right side for a heart hug
  7. Listen to your intuition when it comes to tough decisions
  8. Breath work is amazing!
  9. Try something new in your practice ~ kundalini, barre, rebounder, tai chi
  10. Give yourself time to achieve your goals
  11. Look into sustainable & eco aware clothing
  12. Quit breaking promises to yourself
  13. Plan out your days for maximum productivity
  14. Believe in yourself & your purpose, the branding and marketing stuff will follow
  15. Always take the leap to continue your education
  16. Mantras with intention truly work
  17. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to make new connections
  18. Voice messages are impactful
  19. Shadow work is an integral part of personal development
  20. Hire a massage therapist + acupuncturist!
  21. Be silly, have fun, don’t be afraid to look stupid & laugh! Inner child healing
  22. Identify the voids you’re filling and what you gravitate to 
  23. It’s okay to admit when you need help
  24. Love yourself before you love anyone else

I really hope you guys enjoyed this solocast and I am SOUL excited to share more with you on the portal!

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