Hey everyone! Welcome to the Aura Awakening Portal! It’s been so amazing this month of June to see the BLM movement celebrate all things black magic, beauty, excellence & power.

I felt the call to shed light on 10 of the WOC in wellness that I’ve been connected with for a while. I’d like to begin with four women from the Metro Detroit area who are incredible leaders and healers.

Lauren J Williams – I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren through my sister who raved about her teaching abilities at our local yoga studio and when I met her, her energy was so gentle yet powerful. I knew I had sit down with Lauren to chat on the podcast about her journey in becoming a yoga teacher, which actually started from her background in ice skating. I highly recommend listening to our episode together as she highlighted the importance of black representation in not only the wellness space, but everywhere.

Through the movement, Lauren has been going live with several other leaders in the community, using movement as our way to heal and celebrate ourselves. Follow her for raw, authentic and nourishing content that will make you ponder in a positive way.

Transitions by Truth – I met Truth at a small spiritual vendor event in my town where I popped in to see what was going on. My town doesn’t typically host things like this so I was so excited to see this beautiful woman named Truth with crystal jewelry creations and a wonderfully presented booth. Our initial meeting was short but I had a feeling I’d be seeing Truth again in the spiritual community of Detroit.

Sure enough, she began hosting cacao ceremonies, yoga classes, reiki shares & jewelry making classes at my favorite coffee shop in Ferndale, Drifter Coffee. Her beautiful reiki charged creations are actually sold there and I couldn’t escape the magic of Truth anywhere I went! I knew I desired to get to know her more so naturally, having her on my podcast really helped me catch up on how Truth became Truth and what lead her down the path to becoming a well-rounded conscious creative and healer.

During the movement, Truth has been organizing silent protests paired with yoga to heal through injustice with a gentle mindful breath and movement. Ten years ago Truth was racially profiled and aggressively arrested by two white male police officers for a crime that she did not commit. While she is grateful that her fate did not turn out like many unfortunate cases of police brutality, her life was affected dramatically.

Follow Truth for updates on her healing events, creations and reiki trainings. She sends our beautiful newsletters and is a true authentic leader.

Micalyn Lucas – Micalyn and I became fast friends because we simply had so much in common! This fellow Gemini was such a breath of fresh air for the women I manifested into my life in 2020. Things we both share love for are beauty, yoga, community & food!

I actually met Micalyn when I attended her L.O.V.E. (Lifting our very existence) Talk at Zupac Life. This particular session I attended was about our flaws, and I was amazed at her ability to hold space everyone when speaking on such a vulnerable topic. There were tears, breakthroughs and I felt closer to the other attendees who some I just had met that day, which gives a strong backbone for our community,

Micalyn and I also share a history of being YouTubers, and in our podcast collaboration episode, she shares about her journey reviewing different natural hair products, wigs & beauty techniques for WOC. While she was vlogging, she was studying for her degree in psychology which has helped her organization come to life, now delving into topics like Beliefs & Race in her latest series for L.O.V.E.

Micalyn is also a RYT + works for Citizen Yoga on their admin team. It’s been beautiful to work together and see her in her element, creatively, purposefully and impact-fully. Follow Micalyn for your daily dose of positive energy and her beautiful words, photos and all the things!

ShaDarian Corona-Green – Although I have not met this Metro Detroit babe in person yet, ShaDarian is always showing me love on social media, and I am so honored. Her energy transmutes so well from the online space, as I can tell she’s very a thoughtful and intentional soul. Describing herself as a Renaissance Woman, ShaDarian is a yoga + wellness teacher, and advocate by movement & affirmations. Her instagram is filled with beautifully curated quotes and words of wisdom, along with stunning photos of her hanging at Collective at True North. I’m excited for studios to begin re-opening so I can experience her soul magic, and I encourage you to do the same.

Shan Boodram – I first learned of Shan on YouTube and on Sahara Rose’s Highest Self Podcast. She is the Internet’s most sought-after, certified sex educator, dating coach and relationship expert with over 40 million YouTube views alongside her mainstream coverage across all the major TV networks, The New York Times, Forbes and Time Magazine. Boodram is a bestselling author and the host of a new daily show on Quibi, Sexology with Shan Boodram.

What I like about Shan is her courageous act of taking the leap for your dreams, even when everyone might not accept your path. She’s so charming, charismatic and very knowledgeable about her niche in the space of sex, relationships and sexual health.

Tori Washington – Tori is someone I’ve seen in the wellness/coaching space for a while now and it has been such a pleasure following her. Tori is an energy healer, author, live speaker and spiritual mindset coach for women embarking on a spiritual journey in life, love and business. Her goal to guide you on a journey back home to the truth of who you are and what you came here to do on this planet.

As an online mindset coach and spiritual guide, she holds space for you to experience a healing journey of clearing core-wounds and fear-energy that is holding you back from making your vision a reality. She can help you own your intuitive abilities as a powerful compass, opening you up to vibrant clarity + explosive confidence. From this place, you can fully show up as a powerful contributor of this planet. She’s on a mission to connect as many women as possible to their innate gifts, deep inner-knowing and vibrant confidence.

During the movement, over 200 women tuned into her Embodied Allyship Masterclass (myself includes) where we learned the steps to attune our bodies, businesses, and authentic voices to stand as an activated ally for black lives. We also learned for 4 stages to allyship and deep healing required to raise anti-racism awareness with intention and integrity.

I highly recommend catching the replay if you’re interested in learning the new language in how to show up as an ally in this world now, and always. Follow Tori for amazing content and to stay in the loop of her beautiful offerings.

Sia Natara – Sia Natara is a spiritual coach of two years, energy reader, and reiki practitioner. For nearly all of her life, she has studied spiritual principles through application and experience. She now helps thousands awaken by bridging spirituality with practicality, making it easy for anyone to apply spiritual principles to their daily lives.

Sia is a young mama residing in Charlotte, North Carolina and I discovered her through her YouTube Channel where she shares energy updates, collective readings vegan tips and her story living with bipolar disorder.

Follow her for fun TikTok videos and all of the spiritual updates that need to live on your feed.


Lizzy Jeff – Medicine Woman and Community Leader, Lizzy Jeff, is dedicated to empowering your mind, body & spirit through sacred principles, affirmations for prosperity & daily realistic rituals that will shift your entire paradigm. From wisdom on healing with plant medicine and harnessing the power of your sensuality to reprogramming your mindset and building the life of your dreams, Lizzy Jeff guides you on a cosmic journey of deep self exploration and divine ascension. Her music’s purpose is elevating consciousness through sensuality, sweet melodies & curated experiences.

I discovered her music through my friend Jess and I was so excited that a woman of color was rapping about crystals, plant medicine and being a goddess. She’s now offering 1:1 Mentorships for Empowered Allies, weekend intensives for allies seeking guidance + justice and her new digital guidebook, Principles & Potions for Peace, Purpose & Prosperous Living, for Activating Personal Liberation, Sensual Alchemy & Spiritual Ascension. Featuring contributions from some of the most brilliant minds of our time, PPPPP is a vortex for real time inspiration & healing.

Davana May – Named after the Davana flower, artemisia pallens is here for the global awakening of humanity and the rise of the divine feminine and sacred masculine in creating harmony and balance on this Earth.

After her own dark night of the soul which launched her on her self-healing journey, she connected to her own truth and innate gifts through which she shares to support others in discovering their own inner truths that they may sing their song and dance their dance.

She believes that world peace begins in the home, and that home is within. Her passion is women’s work and she sees that as women connect to their own bodies, hearts, wombs and ignite the ancient feminine fire of wisdom within, this healing energy radiates out through the collective.

Davana is a certified wellness practitioner, incorporating, herbalism, aromatherapy, movement, breathwork, shadow work, womb work, vocal activation, and energy healing.

She facilitates Women’s Circles, and works 1:1 with women and men. Her inspiration is rooted in the timeless teaching: to be present and to live with love and open our hearts to see the divine in ourselves, in all Beings, and in all moments.

Veladya Chapman – This goddess has risen to become one of the most sought after influencers in the wellness, lifestyle and health industry. Within her first year on social media, Veladya grew to over 100,000 highly-engaged followers and subscribers.

Veladya is a Carnegie Mellon University alumni with a Bachelor’s degree in Acting & Musical Theatre. She has gone on to perform on Broadway in the Tony Award winning musical, The Book of Mormon and guest-starred in roles on series like CBS’ Instinct. 

While working as a professional actress, Veladya attended the Institute for Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

Veladya now helps heal people from all over the world through her books, educational Youtube videos, personalized wellness plans and public speaking. 

Veladya is a prominent figure in the wellness and reproductive health community having influenced millions of people to elevate their lifestyles. Her rapid online growth has led to many eyes awaiting her next moves including top tier brands and event hosts. 

A true creative, Veladya is known for merging her talents and knowledge to produce inspiring and life-changing content that has reached over 2 million people to date. 

Veladya is a strong advocate for plant-based nutrition, sustainable living, and unconditional love for all beings. 

She recently just has a baby girl, so be sure to follow her for all things holistic motherhood, yoni & nutrition if you are postpartum as well!

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