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Created by: Alyssa Alvarez

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Alyssa is a 24-year-old spiritual boss babe sharing her love & light in the virtual space. Coming from creating beauty tutorials in 2015, she's no stranger to content creation. Upon her spiritual introduction, she world of wellness & personal development encouraged her to create Aura Awakening. A community for healing, self growth & movement. Hangout while she shares her greatest takeaways along the journey.

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Hello beautiful people!! I hope you really enjoy this episode with the oh so lovely, Mariko! In this episode we discuss, human design & what it’s like being a Reflector which is only 1% of people on the planet. Mariko also shares the story of life after graduating from CCS and experiencing severe physical burn out, then […]

Episode 103 – Mariko Brenner: Living life as a Reflector in Human Design, changing your scenery to find purpose after experiencing severe burnout & rewriting your money story one healing modality at a time

Hello beautiful people!! I hope you really enjoy this episode with the creatively embodied, Shayna aka Sisterstone! In this episode we discuss, Shayna’s experience of moving back to her hometown in Michigan after Quarantine & sharing her gifts with the collective.  She shares some information about Sisterstone Earth Rooted Leadership opportunities to be guided by […]

Episode 102 – Shayna Gladstone aka Sisterstone: Rooting your purpose in reverence and service, manifesting powerful intentions through conscious music & the art of holding space as a spiritual facilitator

Hello beautiful people!! I hope you really enjoy this episode featuring Sindy Warren, my yoga mentor in Cleveland! In this episode we discuss, Sindy’s journey of discovering the life changing practice yoga after practicing law for years & when she decided to become a teacher. We touch on info about the Yamas & Niyamas, as she explains […]

Episode 101 – Sindy Warren: Radiating your dharma in all of the hats we wear, how yogic philosophy & life coaching can give us a framework for optimal well-being & mindfulness techniques that help calm the nervous system

Hey lovely souls!! I hope you enjoyed the 100TH EPISODE of Aura Awakening Radio!! I appreciate all of your love, support & attention while on this magical ride. This episode is a solocast where I reflect on my journey throughout high school, my spiritual journey, my beauty career, to my coaching empire, as I begin […]

Episode 100 – Solocast: Celebrating my Mission & Vision

Hey lovely souls!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the knowledgeable Rachel!! In this episode we discuss, how Rachel left her corporate job & discovered yoga as a way to help heal chronic stress & headaches. Rachel reflect on her experience stepping into specializing into pre-natal yoga as she studied to become a doula. […]

Episode 99: Rachel Sementilli – Guiding women through life transitions & spiritual growth through doula & reiki services, healing the oppression women’s bodies have faced throughout centuries & the ancient practice of Yoni steaming

Hey lovely souls!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the multi-faceted Samantha!! In this episode we discuss, Samantha’s mission to help women navigate stressful transitions in their life through her holistic coaching business, Revived Living. Samantha also shares her experience with depression & identity crisis after suffering from severe pain at the end of her […]

Episode 98: Samantha Schmuck – Reconnecting back to the body through movement, trusting that things will always become brighter & how to step into your purpose after experiencing an identity crisis

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the intuitive af Amber! In this episode we discuss, Amber’s experience with chronic illness, searching to find answers while already living a ‘plant based’ lifestyle. We find out about the life-changing moment Amber found the Medical Medium & how she reversed several ailments over just 6 months. […]

Episode 97 – Amber Vizzaccaro: Persevering through pain to follow your purpose, intuitively harnessing your healing abilities & using plants as medicine for chronic illness to change your life

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the awesome Rusty!! In this episode we discuss, how yoga found Rusty after a health scare & a co-worker recommended to start the practice. Rusty shares how they took the leap to teach yoga later on in their journey & how they share their personal missions through asana […]

Episode 96 – Rusty LeBlanc: Expressing your authentic voice to share your mission, taking the leap in more ways than one on the yogic path, & bringing awareness to gender identity, shining light on inclusivity

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with powerhouse woman, Dayna Mott. In this episode we discuss Dayna’s fascination of beauty & skincare from a young age, following her purpose through esthetics. She shares the importance of education for ethnic hair as far as styling & ingredients in products, inspired by her daughter; creating […]

Episode 95 – Dayna Mott: Finding harmony to achieve work-life balance, self-publishing a book to educate about ethnic hair, & discovering healing, community & entrepreneurship through essential oils

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the talented asf Nick Moore-Perez, owner of Alchemy Color Lab in Royal Oak Michigan. In this episode we discuss Nick’s journey getting into the world of beauty at a young age. The importance of education in the salon industry & Alchemy’s mission to train new artists. […]

Episode 94 – Nick Moore-Perez: Respecting your craft as an artist in the salon industry, finding confidence and balance in entrepreneurship & making your mark in Metro Detroit through Drag for charity

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this spontaneous solocast where I reflect on my gratitude for my struggles & trusting in the divine timing, always! Show some love for this episode’s sponsor, Sister Stone and her upcoming Earth Rooted Leadership Intensive October 2nd-4th in Manchester, Michigan.This program is guided by Shayna Gladstone aka Sister […]

Episode 93 – BONUS! Solocast – Finding gratitude in the process & not wishing your struggles away

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the freaking awesome LL! In this episode we discuss Lauren’s yoga journey beginning with her struggles of Rheumatoid arthritis. The importance of living your truth and doing the shadow work in leadership roles. The hustle of teaching yoga full time & cutting open wounds to […]

Episode 92: Lauren Laudani: Beginning again, following your Dharma as a teacher, finding balance in your messaging & the hustle of teaching yoga as a full time career

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the lovely ShaDarian! In this episode we discuss ShaDarian’s experience growing up as an athlete and her time living in upstate New York, discovering yoga in college. Details about what it’s like teaching yoga to large groups of people for special events. The intention behind ‘remembering […]

Episode 91 – ShaDarian Corona-green: Practicing the yogic lifestyle off the mat, healing from childhood trauma through fun and movement & the intention behind ‘Remembering Where Home Is’

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the expansive Carla Samson! In this episode we discuss Carla’s past experience ‘sleep-waling through life’ & suffering from lyme disease. The reflections of journeying the world to seek healing & awakening for herself and the collective. Learning more about Carla’s coaching method, the process of bringing your […]

Episode 90 – Carla Samson: Traveling the world to awaken your healing powers, becoming Tridoshic to find balance in your business, allowing the magic of your soul’s essence to shine through branding

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with medicine woman Leah aka Hael Karma! In this episode we discuss Leah’s experience in suffering from asthma & anxiety from a young age. Her story of finding ritual in meditation by stumbling on a book by Sadhguru. The unpacking Leah’s personal traumas, honoring the non-linear path […]

Episode 89 – Leah Scott: Working with the shadow to heal yourself + others through plant medicine, overcoming imposter syndrome & reflecting on the non-linear spiritual path

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the nurturing Maya Biggs! In this episode we discuss Maya’s experience in feeling the call to take the leap to take the 200hr yoga teacher training. How Maya got into yoga as she was seeking a deeper exercise experience and community. Mindful lessons of avoiding expectation […]

Episode 88 – Maya Biggs: Allowing community to support your healing journey, stepping into the role of a teacher after 200hr YTT & raising awareness for Lupus

Hi hi! Welcome to the Aura Awakening Portal ~ My name is Alyssa and I’ve been creating content online since 2015. Throughout this time I’ve learned a lot about the different online platforms that we use to share & maybe even build an empire. I’ve also learned that there’s so many options, overwhelming choices and […]

Online Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the embodied lovely soul, Brialle! In this episode we discuss Brialle’s journey through college burn out and following her desire to experience van life traveling. We also dive into the chakras & chat about how we can heal our energy centers through food, movement and reflection. Growing […]

Episode 87 – Brialle Ringer: Eating the rainbow to heal our chakras, ending burnout to discover soul alignment, & creating the Black Women’s Healing Fund to offer accessible trauma informed holistic healing

Hey lovely souls!! I hope you enjoyed this solocast where I share about my life experiences over the past few months and how they inspired me to create my new coaching program, Actionable Alchemy! This program is for you if: You are having a hard time taking action on your passion projects You are struggling […]

Episode 86 – Solocast: All things Actionable Alchemy

Hey beautiful beings!! I hope you enjoyed this episode with the awesome David Sherban! In this episode we discuss David’s journey into fitness after being a dancer for years. The ways of cultivating community for Trvfit while in quarantine. David’s tips for maintaining inspiration & creativity as a media director and why we should put our motivation into our […]

Episode 85 – David Sherban: Finding your motivation in values rather than goals, maintaining creativity + community through quarantine and how fitness brings people together at TrvFit


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