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So, it’s almost the end of June, and for me this is the time when I really assess a lot of my goals and direction for the rest of the year. 2020 has been an unpredictable year for every single one of us, so this may be your chance for a reflective reset.

Vision boards are a trendy, yet effective tool that I love to create at the beginning of the year to attach a group of images, words and overall vibe to help manifest my desires for that specific year.

On my vision board for 2020 I had inspiration for interior design for moving into a home after being in an apartment for years, traveling with my partner of 6 years, putting my health at the forefront with diet & exercise, immersing myself in my yoga & meditation practices, holding space for authentic connections for like-minded women through ceremony, an abundant bridal season with my makeup artistry team and thriving in my online coaching business.

And then Covid-19 happened.

My desire to move into my dream home was put on hold. I realized I was no longer passionate about makeup artistry after 6 years in the industry, along with the extreme post-Covid health standards overwhelming me. The shutdown no longer allowed me to hold women’s events in person. And, my partner kept expressing he was afraid to travel, make our move, and we kept not seeing eye-to-eye with what we want for our futures, and I had enough. I told him I wanted us to work on our relationship and seek counseling for our growth individually and together.

I quit doing makeup all together, I almost left my partner and moved back to my hometown, and I felt so defeated when trying to attract my home I felt I deserved.

So here’s the magic question, what happens when the things on your vision board no longer come true?

  1. Remove the images of what’s no longer in alignment. No need to have that in your energy field anymore. You can peacefully throw the image away, or symbolically burn it if you desire to let it go so that your desire can rise from the ashes.
  2. See redirection as protection. Trust that you’re always divinely guided. Accept that maybe certain things weren’t meant to be, and see what you can replace your images with. An example is that I’ve creatively revamped my women’s circle event to a virtual circle, giving me the liberty to showcase my presentation skills and stay on my toes with switching up the themes.
  3. Do your best not to blame global circumstances. Even before Covid I was questioning my makeup artistry career as I was dedicating more time to my career in wellness. I could sit here and explain everything away because of the quarantine but I believe everything happens for a reason and The Universe presents us with challenges to grow. Sometimes it’s time to shed your old identity to welcome in an incredible up-level.
  4. Give yourself grace. Vision boards can haunt you and present you with images of things you truly desire, but don’t yet have the means yet to actualize them. And that’s okay. Give yourself time to really make these visions as close as possible, and don’t settle. Vision boards don’t have to be just one year too, I very well will keep mine for next year since 2020 was rather unpredictable.
  5. Enjoy the journey. It’s much more fulfilling to be fully present and chip away at your goals one step at a time, rather than fixate on the perfection behind them. Sometimes our goals can be toxic, thinking when I do _____ I will finally feel _____. Perhaps accountability will be the best way for you to show up for your goals without letting it all crash down when you don’t achieve them. The journey isn’t linear and I trust that you will enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy it can be.

Thank you for reading this real & raw post and I hope that it was helpful for you. Wishing you a beautiful second half of 2020!

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